Saturday, February 18, 2017

Want a Free Book?

That's right! I'm giving away a free signed copy of Queen of Pentacles, my first book! How can you enter for a chance to win? It's easy! Pick any of the following:

Each of those earns you one entry into the raffle! (So you could do one, all, or any number in between.) This raffle will be active until Tuesday, February 28th. I can sign it without your name, with your name, or with the name of a friend if you'd like to make it a gift. Good luck. 👍

Saturday, February 11, 2017

5 Things to Do Before Writing in the Morning

Whether you're chipper as Mickey Mouse in the morning without so much as a cup of coffee (which I couldn't possibly fathom) or you would rather sleep until noon, sometimes mornings are the only time that you have to write, whether that's because of work obligations, school obligations, parenting obligations, or just random chores. And sometimes your time to write in the morning is very limited. Here are five things that you could do to get your ass into gear in the morning:

1. Drink coffee/tea/cold water

Coffee is great for a jolt of caffeine to get your brain into gear (and is always my beverage of choice). However, if you'd like a little less caffeine, or a slightly more soothing drink, tea is a great option with a lot of variety. If you don't like those options, there's always the waking-up benefit of a tall glass of ice cold water.

2. Freewrite for 10 minutes first

Sometimes you can get caught up in the idea of what you're writing and, because you want it to be perfect, it becomes impossible to write. One option is to just write whatever comes into your head for ten minutes first in a separate Word document or on a separate piece of paper. It could literally just be your thoughts as you're thinking them. The important thing is to remind your body of the mechanics of writing and that they are, in fact, physically possible.

3. Read something short

Inspiration might be the key. You may pick up a poem, a short story, a chapter of a book--whatever. But, depending on the day, reading the writing of others could help push you to write yourself. If you read something new and random and are still stuck, you could always try instead one of your standby favorites.

4. Physical activity

Now, this isn't generally my cup of chamomile, but if you're really into the physical activity thing, or if you work better with your blood moving, then it's definitely an option. Yoga, taking the dog for a walk, lifting weights--you know best what you respond to, and maybe getting those endorphins going is just the morning wake-up you need to get your writing started.

5. Gaming or Puzzles

Maybe you're the kind of writer who needs to engage the logical side of their brain before getting things onto the page. You might pick up a crossword or word search. Or, if you're a gamer like me, you might pick up a controller. Playing video games like Bejewled or Trivial Pursuit can really help get my mind firing on all cylinders in a very low-stress way. The trick here is not to pick something with too high a time investment so that you end up gaming for three hours and never get to the writing bit.


So there are some of my suggestions! What do you do to start writing in the mornings? Or do you avoid writing in the mornings altogether?